Sunday, July 29, 2012

not in my blog...

First of all ye kawan2, saya ingin menegaskan di sini yang saya BUKAN KURUS. memang sangat tak mungkin sy post pasal ''baju utk interview yg cocok utk orng kurus''. Anyway, memandangkan saya prnh attend beberapa interview and prnh interview orng, sedikit advice dri saya. semestinya pakai formal. kalau formal tak semestinya pakai seluar slack and shirt dan tak semestinya hitam putih. dan yang paling penting, pakai something yang korang suka and korang rasa selesa. baju yang korang rasa boleh buat korng rasa cantik. mereka yang tak prnh make-up, xpayah nk sibuk ber make-up. somehow korng akn mula rasa x selesa dgn diri korng. yang penting, kemas!

kedua, saya mmg perna nampak kerbau. tapi xdla sampai saya nk post pasal warna kerbau kan. and sape plak yg sibuk nk cari warna kerbau kt blog saya. cuba korng google.

saya try 'google image' and surprisingly, gamba ketiga and keempat tu gamba yang saya pernah post kat blog saya, gamba motor besar warna oren kat kolej and fakulti saya. slalunya motor besar macam kawasaki and yamaha tu saya panggil motor kerbau sbb bsr sgt.

by the way, warna kerbau adalah hitam.....

Sunday, July 15, 2012


i was writing a report in english. it's for my supervisor. she'll be presenting it next week at an international conference. and then i realize something..  OH MY ENGLISH!!! i can't believe all the spelling errors and grammer mistakes. i thought i was good! so thats the reason for my english post.

i was laying on my bed, don't want to sleep as early as 11 p.m. i was thinking what to do and this small incident crossed my mind...

i was walking to college from faculty on a very hot evening. i was really tired of all the meetings and tutorial and presentation. and carrying a bag of clothes, some clothes to pass to my committee member. i still remember, it was very heavy that i didn't really carry it, i just let it drag along on the road. i just wanted to go back and have a short nap. i was only thinking of my bed.

at the end of the street, near to my college, i saw one of my friend standing there. i waved but she didn't. thats weird. usually, she'll greet me even before i can speak. but there, she was standing looking at me. as i walked, approaching her, i can see her face clearly. i knew that something was wrong. very wrong. i wanted to cross the road but she walked towards me. and hugged me at the middle of the road. she was crying. she didn't care about the cars or motorist and not even the fact that we are standing at the middle of the road.

i'm attending an interview tomorrow. i'm not that excited. i don't even know if i'll get the job. even if i get the job, i won't be there for more than a year. i tired of being in a group of 'racist'. i don't give myself many options. either i'll be one the top management in a company or i'll join other lazy citizens as a clerk in any government office.

two weeks left. i don't know if we'll meet again. you don't have to worry. u'll be free in two weeks. i won't be there to bother you, to stop you from enjoy and do thing i hate, test your temper and patience.... thanks for your kindness and 'm sorry for my cruelty. 

Monday, July 9, 2012