Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Air Detox part 2

Detox kali ni menggunakan kiwi, strawberry, lemon and mint. saya just buat sukatan sesuka hati. saya menggunakan 1 box kecik ctrawberry n 1 box kecik kiwi. potong sume, smash, masukkan ice cubes, biarkan ice cubes cair n minum.

cantikkan. time tgh buat pon dh ada bau wangi dia. tapi saya rsa x patut sy smash kiwi sbb later dia jdi mcm lendir n texture dia time minum mcm x best sgt. walaupon somehow kiwi balancekan rasa masam strawberry, still saya rasa saya dh terbyk strawberry sampai terpaksa tambah beberapa sudu gula. air detox x spatutnya ada gula. maybe sy patut guna 3/4 je strawberry dri kotak tu.


Monday, November 4, 2013

The 20 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make In Your 20s

saya terbaca 1 artikel psl 20 kesalahan yg slalunya orng muda berumur 20-an yg buat. saya teringin bandingkan dgn diri sy.

20. Working for money, not for building your dreams
Alkisah working experience saya, my first job sy keje kt company yg racist and second job bekerja di company kedekut. sy x sempat nk dream pape selain get out of those company and get a new job. saya blm nk bekerja utk duit n currently, my own future is vague to me so sy xd pape dreams. saya just memilih jalan yg selamat, xnk kecewakan diri.

19. Thinking that this is the right time to fall in love
nop, i never did that kind of mistake. sy x jatuh cinta dgn sape2. saya tau ni masa utk membina diri sendiri. i spend my valuable time for myself. xd masa nk buang masa dgn orng lain.

18. Trying to act like the man rather than learning how to become one
maksudnya berlagak pandai. saya x kisah share certain benda yg mmg saya tau n mmg sy confirm. benda yg xtau sy x komen pape. x bermaksud sy terima komen orng. sy akn alami sendiri n bru percaya. mcm orng yg x prnh blaja akaun blh kata career tu susah, xd life or whatever. saya just angguk setuju but they never been in the same boat so why should i believe what they say?

17. Making friends instead of earning trust
this is one of the thing that i'm struggling right now. i want to make friend but i just don't know where to find them. i know sometimes it's kindda lonely but seriously saya xtau mcm mna nk cari kawan. so, buat masa skrng, dgn kwn yg sy ada ni, i'm earning their trust. now i know thats a mistake

16. Not caring because you only live once — that is for fools
i'm not that fool. bagi sy orng yg ckp "hidup cuma skali so kita enjoy dlu" tu orng yg hv nothing better to do with their life. lari dri agama n motif kehidupan, xd cita2 or wawasan or even dreams. hehehe i'm taking this time to spend with my friends because somehow i know this is my only time with friends. and i don't call it as enjoying.

15. Make all your wants. needs.
i'm earning and literally trying to live with those money. i know the value of money than most of nowadays teenagers who simply goes for parents money. i know the difference between wants and needs

14. Forgetting that family comes first.
yup, i'm doing this mistake. but once again, my point is, my future will be 95% of family and 3% of strangers and only 2% of friends. so i don't feel guilty to give priority to my friends for now.

13. Blaming anyone else but yourself for anything in life
i do blame one of my family member for some unfavorable decision that i was forced to make. but i know i'm walking on my path on my own will. i'm ready to take any kind of blame and liable to whatever happen. i'm in a position i can't blame anyone but me and i know that. i create my own problem and i find my own solution. after all, i'm 21 n above. "baby adult"

12. Getting comfortable like you actually deserve down time
yup, i think i'm doing this mistake. i think nothing more left than getting married and start a family after this, as what everyone expect. i might be wrong but i don't know.

11. Sticking with jobs that didn't teach you anything
nop, it's obvious that the first thing i do after joining a work is find another job!

10. Following the crowd instead of forging against it
i'm not following the crowd. i know some people label me as rebellious. i'm doing something that no one did in my family. i don't care. i'm not gonna regret of this life. i don't like trends

9. Failing to energize those around you
yup, thats me. i hv too many things going on. i don't know which one is the way out since i've taken the road only a few taken. everything is vague and confusing. at least, i'm helping those who tries to follow my path. saving them from fall into the same trap i fell. when i reached the destination, i'll start to energize perhaps.

8. Think you need to stop learning and growing
nop, i know everything is still vague and i'm still learning

7. Thinking that anyone will ever pay you back
yup, thats my bad. but i don't think thats a reason to stop doing good thing.

6. Spending your money on women who aren't escort
erk! with my income now, i'm becoming stingy. no spend for anyone!

5. Holding on to friends that waste your time and add no value to your life
i might have this kind of friend but i'm not spoiling my life like them.

4. Forgetting about the piggy bank and spending every dollar you have
nop, i never forget bout my saving. it's just that nothing really left to save (T_________________T)
i'm feeling really bad right now!

3. (numb 3 is inappropriate and not applicable)

2. Dating unstable person with mommy and daddy issues
~ not applicable ~

1.Forgetting that karma
nop i never. in fact, i'm wondering how karma missed a lots of name in my list.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Air Detox Part 1

Air detox ni air yg buang toksin dri badan, minum benda ni byk buang air sbb orng kata mcm tulah cara toksin keluar dri badan. so sy pk nk try, guna buah2an je pon. saya x rasa detox ni sesuai utk orng gastrik sbb byk sgt barangan acidic.

Botol air ataupon jug 2 Liter. klu yg guna bottle tu sila guna bottle yg mulut dia besar nanti senang nk masukkan bahan2 dia kt dalam.

1 timun - hiris timun mcm kt gamba diatas tu. saya x suka sgt timun so sy beli timun yg kecik n gemuk. kalau korng suka timun blilah yg saiz besar sikit. sila pastikan timun anda juicy.

1 lemon - saya cuba hiris lemon mcm timun tapi x jadi. xtaulah sy x reti potong or pisau yg sy guna tu x tajam. so sy just potong mcm gamba diatas je. just jgn squeeze sgt lemon tu time potong sbb nanti juice lemon sume terbazir kt chopping board je. 

2 Limau. bukan limau kasturi yg kecik2 tu ye. limau besar yg saiz bola ping pong tu. sy potong mcm gamba kt ats tu jugak

2 orange - orange tu sila pastikan betul2 manis manis sbb oren jelah sumber manis dalam ingredient ni. oren yg sy beli x cukup manis so sy terpaksa tambah gula. tambah gula is not a good thing so better betul2 pastikan beli orange yg manis.

Pudina - benda nilah yg saya cari sampai sy nk gila. x dapat2 at last sy x bubuh daun pudina. but better bubuh. nanti dia bagi bau wangi n lgi terasa nk minum. masukkan dlm 10 helai ok kot.

lps dh hbs potong barang2 kt ats tu masukkan dalam botol 2 liter tu. pastu gunalah belakang senduk yg besar ke, or pape yg sesuai, mash bahan2 dalam botol tu. kalau ada masher or benda yg orang guna utk buat burger tu lagi bagus sbb lgi cepat n senang nk mash. mash betul2 sampai segala benda kt dalam tu keluarkan segala juice n aroma wangi dia.

cara sy buat, saya fill ice cube kt dalam botol tu n biarkan ice tu sume cair. ambik masa 3 jam jugaklah. kadang time ada masa lapang tu pgi goncang2 sikit.
ada sesetengah orang just masukkan air biasa n biarkan lama2 sikit pas2 minum.
but after a few research, sy suggest korng masukkan bahan2 tu, isikan air suam n masukkan dlm fridge semalaman. the next day keluarkan n minumlah mcm mna yg korng nk. yg suka minum sejuk minumlah terus or tambah ice cube kt gelas n minum. yg x suka minum sejuk just biarkan je kt luar sampai dh x sejuk baru minum. saya x galakkan tambah air panas sbb naik cair sgt n xd rasa pape.

yg kt ats ni just ingredient yg sy pilih utk guna. korng blh buat ikut suka korng. yg suka lemon n oren tambahlah lgi sebiji dua dlm botol tu. or yg suka masam tambahlah limau or lemon sebiji dua dlm botol tu. ikut kreativiti n ikut tekak kita je.

papepon, sy jamin air ni sedap! murah n xyah bazir duit beli detox chemical tu. bukan healthy pon.

Lemons: Help in the absorption of sugars and calcium and cuts down your cravings for sweets.

Cucumbers act as a diuretic and flush fat cells. It is alkalizing to the body (if you have an alkaline body, no diseases can live there), and increase your energy levels.

Limes promote a healthy digestive tract.

Mint is a natural appetite suppressant that also aids in digestion.

SELAMAT MENCUBA!!! kt bawah ni gamba air detox yg sy buat.

minggu ni saya nk cuba buat detox yg lain. kalau sy rasa ok nanti sy update ye.

*mesti ada yg terpk knp nk buat susah2 n bazir masa padahal bolehje blender sume benda n minum. or masukkan sume benda ni dlm mesin buat juice tu n minum. well, ikut suka korng lah!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

no more dreams

i do dream sometime. i don't simply dream for nothing. i dream to achieve it. i don't dream for very big thing, hard and almost impossible thing. i always dream for a small and simple thing. i dream for thing that i really wanted and to exist in my life. and i fight really hard for it, just the way i fight to stay in a rental house(my longest fight i guess).

i had a conversation earlier. it was about what will you do in a few years or when you have money, like a lot. listening to other, and i came to a realization that now i have reached this stage in life which i never wanted to reach. practically, i should dream no more. and it really breaks my heart.

in my culture especially in my family, my life after this is getting married. people will start to bother you to have a child ASAP. and then everything will be about going work getting back home, doing chores for your husband and children. the husband will of course have all the time in the world to do whatever they want and even hang out with their friends. or worst come to worst sit down on the couch watching tv while the wife take care of the cleaning n the baby and maybe cooking.

It's not that i don't want to get married, it's just my culture. argh! it's hard to explain.

so now, all i can do is listen to others planning bout doing this and that, smiling and giving support.

this thing gonna spoil my mood for the rest of the month.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


Weekend orng malaysia mmg untuk hadir perkawenan and kenduri orng. cuti skolah pon mcm tu.

saya selalu t'pk knplah orng malaysia xleh buat majlis perkawenan mcm orng barat, jemput dlm 50-200 orng je, buat kt tempat yg kecik so ada budget nk makanan sedap2 n variety, tempat eksklusif n bagai. jemput orng yg mmg ada niat baik je terhadap kita supaya majlis tu rsa seperti lbih direstui tanpa ada negative energy.

and lagi 1 nk buat kenduri selamat ke arwah ke. saya xtaulah mmg ikut kene panggil sedara ke apa. berbanding jemput sedara mara n bgi makan kepada yg mampu, better buat doa selamat or pape kenduri kt tempat mcm umah anak yatim or tempat tahfiz or madrasah or mna2.

at least, mereka yg penat bekerja hari minggu adalah gak masa nk berehat kt umah time weekends, jalan2 n melancong time cuti sekolah.

sekian terima kasih


Monday, October 7, 2013

pocket money

kebanyakan staff kt office sy pgi company tour ke pulau redang hari ni, tinggal beberapa kerat je kt office ni. mmg xd keje. goyang kaki dan main internet bagai.

bila last korng minta pocket money kt parents korng? or bila last minta parents bayarkan things korng? minta duit utk tu n minta duit utk ni.

dalam hal ni sy mmg sgt bangga dgn diri saya sbb last sy minta duit kt parents sy masa sy berumur 18
yup, a year after SPM. saya diterima masuk ke matriks dimana kerajaan akn bayar elaun. tapi elaun pertama lmbt masuk dan sy kene beli buku, duit yg saya minta kat ayah sy tu sebanyak RM200. Alhamdulillah, lps tu, pada umur tu sy blajar berjimat. saya siap kumpul duit utk bayar yuran klu saya masuk Universiti nanti. dan bayar duit buku. saya xnk minta kt parents saya.

habisnya matriks, masuk Universiti, semua tak seperti dijangka, yuran 1 sem pon dh beribu2, lbh dari total elaun yg saya dapat masa zaman saya matrix. sekali lagi, dgn rasa malunya saya minta duit kt parents saya. Alhamdulillah jugak, lps tu sy dapat biasiswa JPA, cukup untuk sy menyara hidup saya, dan kumpul duit lagi.

saya mungkin bkn dari keluarga susah. dan saya mmg x perlu utk buat sume ni. saya x perlu malu pon nk minta duit kt parents sy. mereka sentiasa bersedia utk provide pape yg sy minta. siap slalu tny klu nk pocket money tapi saya selalu tolak. kadang2 mereka paksa suruh ambik kerana mereka fikir itu tanggungjawab mereka, utk provide kepada anak.

itu parents kita, mereka sentiasa nk buat yg terbaik utk kita. tapi kita? where is your dignity? just sebab mereka selalu menghulur x semestinya kita boleh slalu menadah. bagi saya itu salah satu contoh manusia yg xd dignity. saya belajar ini semua dari salah sorng abng saudara saya, yg pergi belajar di luar negara atas perbelanjaan ibu bapa. dia simpan segala rekod perbelanjaan dia. dia kata dia malu sebab belajar guna duit parents dia dan lps dia balik Malaysia, dia akn bekerja dan bayar balik duit tu kat ayah dia. i was so proud of him dan mmg sy sgt respect laki mcm tu. rare kot! zaman skrng ni brape ramailah yg keje cikai, tapi bawa keta mahal, nfon mahal, beli gadget merepek mahal2, semua duit parents.

kalau korng perasan, korng dh boleh nnmpk mostly orng kaya skrng ada waris yg xleh survive in future sbb mmg keje spend harta ayah masing2. x care nk blaja, x care nk kerja secara serius sbb xd keperluan dan dh ada duit yg byk. berapa kerat je laki zaman skrng yg tolong business ayah mereka dgn serius? mmg in future, zaman saya dh ada anak nanti, semua akn terbalik. yg naik bmw skrng akn naik proton. yg naik moto skrng bakal naik ferrari.

Saya sentiasa berdoa agar dimurahkan rezeki saya. cukup rezeki utk saya hulurkan kepada parents dan adik saya. Duit yg parents sy kumpul utk saya or adik beradik saya, biarlah mereka saje yg gunakan zaman tua nanti. sudah terlalu banyak pengorbanan. mungkin masih belum terlambat untuk mereka hidup cara mereka selalu impikan.

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Breakfast Crisis

memandangkan sy belum settle down kt umah baru, saya blm beli biskut or sliced bread utk breakfast, mcm zaman2 hostel dlu. mula2 saya just minum milo or kopiko sbelum pgi keje but then sy akn lapar sebelum lunch hour. so bila lunch sy akn mkn byk n then rasa lapar tu akn dibawa sampai ke malam dimana sy akn ambik heavy dinner. *that explains my size may be

so sy decide nk bli breakfast sblm pgi keje. saya terbaca kisah heliza yg slalu bli nasi lemak sbelum pgi keje kt sorng ni n dia blikan skali utk budak kecik yg singgah kedai tu. klu nk bc kisah sepenuhnya sila pegi ke facebook page dia n baca status dia lbh kurang time harga minyak naik 20 sen. n then ntah knp pagi tu time nk g bli breakfast sy beli nasi lemak kt gerai yg sy singgah tu. ntahla sebab sy dh lama x makan nasi lemak ke apa, saya rasa nasi lemak dia sgtlah sedap. n sedar2 3 minggu berturut2 sy bli nasi lemak kt dia stiap pagi sbelum pgi keje. mcm tertagih dh. so nk selamat sy singgah kedai yg kt area office plak. kedai tu plak, sarapan pagi dia confirm ada nasi lemak n roti canai, n then nasi GORENG, mee GORENG, kuey tiow GORENG dan bihun GORENG. tgk part kuih muih plak, of course la, kuih yg manis dan hampir kesemuanya BERGORENG.

so nmpk x crisi dia kt sini skrng? malaysia xd breakfast yg menyihatkan. mana x rakyat jelata dia semuanya comel2 belaka. saya nak cari restoren mamak kt area sy ni mmg susah. at least, restoren mamak ada thosai or idli. tu makanan india dan makanan yg menyihatkan. xd minyak, cholesterol dan calory yg tinggi. saya xtau kalau ada makanan melayu yg x berminyak n x manis yg sesuai dimakan pada waktu pagi, sbb sy blm prnh jumpa.

so, at last, sy jumpa jalan penyelesaian dan saya rsa sangat bodoh sbb tu adalah salah satu perkara yg i hv been doing that for almost 3 years dan sy tak terfikir langsung pasal tu selama sbulan stgh ni n sibuk duk pk mcm mna mna cari healthy breakfast.

saya singgah kedai n bli roti sbelum pgi keje.

Friday, September 13, 2013

5 things to ask yourself about your work

1. Am I getting enough challenges? 
Not yet but i know i will. stakat ni sy suka cara orang office gunakan kebolehan sy menggunakan excel untuk betulkan and standardizekan semua borang2 mereka. lps ni plak sy bakal belajar skill baru. YEAY!!! dah mula menjinakkan diri dgn supplier. i know everything is going to be just fine.
2. Do I have a healthy work/life balance? 
Of course i do. Saya tau in future semua masa saya akn ditumpukan terhadap kekeluargaan. so i want to spend my this phase of life with friends. maybe keje pagi sampai petang. malam kan ada. Sejak sy duduk sendiri sy mmg ada terlalu banyak masa because i spend time on me and on what i want. not on what i have to do. sy tak taulah mcm mna orng yg ada boyfriend or girlfriend habiskan masa dengan pasangan diorng je after work. keje pas2 berkepit pas2 keje n then berkepit. Thank god saya xd boyfriend. saya xd keje berat sangat sampai kene stay sampai malam or keje yg serabut sampai balik rumah pon terpikir pasal keje tu. weekends kadang2 dgn family but mostly with friends. To me, it's balanced.
3. Does my job give me a sense of personal fulfillment, of achievement? 
After that terrible and horrible job, now i feel appreciated. buat keje sbb suka. mmg slalu buat salah, suruh betulkan and stuff tapi sy boleh rasa keje2 saya dihargai.
4. Do I have a sense of community?
First time i have friends at workplace. masa practical kawan jadi co-worker. masa first job mmg sy lonely ranger la. tapi keje ni, first time dpt officemate yg jadi kawan. best gak sebenarnya. Pasak environment xyah ceritalah, best! Ddk sini xd rasa takut or x selesa walaupon sebilik dgn boss or manager. selamba je facebook dpn mereka. mereka pon tau sy tgh xd keje. kadang2 manager tanya "siti, what r u doing" saya jawab "nothing" and manager reply "okey". hahaha unik!
5. Do I feel appreciated? 
After being treated as a fool, of course i feel much more appreciated here.

I'm not planning to stay here like forever. this is just a pit stop for me to learn and experience more. i'll be moving on when i have to. but until then, this place will be my favourite workplace.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

My Beautiful Office

walaupon office saya sgt kecik and pekerjanya sgt sikit, tapi office sy sangat cantik.

sy keje kat showroom, syarikat yg buat kitchen and wardrobe. office sy mmg penuh dgn berbagai2 model kitchen and wardrobe masih in the making.

saya tak tau sebenarnya boleh x sy upload gamba2 office sy sbb ni mcm design owner sendiri and ada copyright. saya dh pernah bermasalah skali sbb uploag gamba muka n event office lama sy so sy xnk cari pasal lagi. so sy decide just nk upload benda2 yg sy suka kt office ni je.

Masuk je showroom this will be the second kitchen people see. and this is my fav kitchen. walaupon sy teringin nk terangkan pasal kitchen ni guna bahasa orng perabot nk tunjukkan sy dh pandai, tapi sy risau orang x faham plak.
meja makan kt dpn tu hanya sekadar hiasa. table for 4 in black and lampu berwarna keemasan di atas. counter belakang meja tu, surface ats dia btu warna hitam gak, batu jenis sejuk n kegemaran bakers sbb batu tu slalu sejuk sampai butter x cepat cair n adunan pon stay sejuk. ats kaunter tu gak ada dapur memasak. dapur jenis industion tu. tappi sy xtau dapur jenis ni guna gas ke tak. tak koooot. bawah kaunter keliling tu ada byk drawers and carcase utk letak banyak barang. sgt spacious sampai boleh sumbat periuk nasi besar yg boleh masak utk sekampung tu. framing dia gold.
belakang tu plak tempat ada sinki and boleh letak barang2 masak yg lain. cabinet hitam n framing gold gak. klu korng perasan ada cermin menggantikan dinding n itu salah satu feature yg sy plng suka. n sebenarnya carcase yg plng ats tu adalah cermin. dlm tu blh install lampu n klu buka lampu tu boleh nmpk kita simpan barang apa kt dalam.

saya ni cerita bagai tgh menjual dapur tu kt readers kan. boleh buat sales ni. ok, moving forward....

Jeng Jeng Jeng. this is our pantry people!!! hahaha. best x? boleh masak. oven kt blkng tu boleh guna yee (klu korng nmpklah). ada coffee maker, ada besen bagai, ada water filter kot nama dia, alah yg ada air sejuk, room temperature and air panas tu. pilih je nk air apa. klu buka tall cabinet paling belakang tu, itu adalah peti sejuk. cukup besar utk sumbat sy kt dalam tu.

tempat ni biasanya digunakan utk meeting ataupon discussion sama ada antara officemates or clients.

Ini adalah tangga office sy yg putih suci dan bersih. nk maintain payah tau. sbb tu kami sume pakai selipar asing dlm office. xnk kotorkan. xnk cari pasal dgn our lady boss.

ni pintu masuk ke office. office kt atas eh, bukan kt bawah. bawah fully showroom.

Ni mcm space kecik n comel dpn pintu masuk office. ada kerus malas, ada table comel for 4. kadang2 klu blaja something n trainning sambil ddk kt sini. environment dia sgt comfortable sampai sy akn rasa mengantuk dlm 5 minit klu ddk sini.

Ni wardrobe kt ats, still in the making. sy rsa satu set skali dgn bedroom gamba kt bawah ni

Tgk katil ni blh lemah smgt ni. orng yg tgh segar pon blh ngantuk.

Ni lagi satu wardrobe. sy suka sbb boleh letak banyak barang cm baju, kasut, jewellery n pape lgi yg merepek. tapi klu pemalas mcm sy yg suka sumbat sume kt hanger, mayb x sesuai kot.

ni benda fav sy kt office saya. automatic vacuum kot nama dia. just turn it on and it will clean the whole space. tapi benda ni kelakar. dia suma main celah2 meja n kerusi and then stuck. pas2 suka buat bising suruh selamatkan "please clear my path". bila dh selamatkan dia akn clean kejap pas2 pgi main kt celah kerusi lagi. pas2 buat bising balik. setiap kali sy turun bawah utk ambik air, setiap kali tulah dgr benda ni bising suruh selamatkan. klu sehari x angkat dia mmg x sah.

sy tunjuk byk lagi gamba mcm space utk children bawah tangga, which is a excellent idea, tandas dia yg cantik n romantik siap ada lilin and freshener lgi n mcm2. tapi xplah


Saturday, August 24, 2013

new job part 2

saya diberitahu yg sy akan ditempatkan dalam bilik bersama sorg yg bernama K. sy jenguk bilik tu seriously bilik tu sgtlah mcm tong sampah. mcm2 ada. pening tgk bilik tu. and sy x nampak pon space yg boleh memuatkan sy dalam bilik tu. xp, tunggu je manusia bernama K tu muncul. sy duduk menumpang tempat orng. bukan senang nk ddk kt office baru n x buat pape lebih2 lgi tahan ngantuk. lbih kurang ptng2 muncullah manusia bernama K tu tapi langsung x bertegur sbb dia sangatlah busy. eventually sy dpt tau dia big boss. which us anak kepada pemilik syarikat ni. *PENGSAN

kenapa saya kene duduk 1 bilik dgn dia? why? why? why?

hari keesokkannya sy dipindah ke tempat lain plak. tunggu boss muncul sebelum sy dipindahkan ke bilik dia. mcm biasa dia sampai office lbih krng time lunch. and we had a very nice talk. she is not that bad after all. at least, not yet. dia sendiri ngaku dia mmg bukan sorng yg tidy. and first meeting sy dh buat dia kemas laci dia. hahaha!!!

memandangkan dia slalu xd dlm office and saya pon belum dpt keje sepenuhnya, sy slalu ambik masa bersihkan blik. jadi cleaner la sminggu ni. dia pon gembira stiap hari bilik dia bertambah kemas. haha, mcm nilah nk jadi staff kesayangan boss. kikiki!!! boss pon orng yg selamba. boleh plak dia meragkak keliling bilik pasang laci. sy offer nk tolong xnk plak. at least dia xdlah manja sgt. tau buat keje sendiri walaupon keje berat2or keje leceh, dia x tolak kat staff dia mcm boss2 sy sebelum ni buat.

to be continue...

Thursday, August 22, 2013

new job

saya dh join keje baru. syarikat yg buat cabinet. ni  bkn mcm kedai perabot yg jual ready made cabinet tu. ni kene tempah and cabinet yg high quality and mahal.

mcm biasa, sy x pernah nk mula sesuatu dengan  aman. ada je masalah and pape insiden. masa saya bangun pagi and gerak pegi keje semua ok je. masa sy tgh berjalan pegi cafe, kononnya nk sarapan dulu sblm pgi keje sbb ada dlm 2 jam lgi. tgh jalan tu tiba2 kasut tercabut. memang lansung xleh nk pakai. nasib baik ada bus stop berdekatan saya pon seret kaki n selipar sampai bus stop tu. luckily jumpa gam UHU dlm beg doraemon sy. ntah mcm mna benda tu boleh ada kat sana.who cares, benda tu berguna time emergency mcm ni. lepas lekat dengan senang htinya saya sambung perjalanan. x sampai beberapa langkah dia mula tercabut satu per satu. ok, sy dh tau gam uhu ni x berkesan. nasib baik sempat jalan sampai ke surau berdekatan.

duduk kt surau tu gam selipar banyak2. pas2 tunggu sampai gam kering. dh kering tu cepat2 jalan ke stesen lrt. kt stesen tu ada kedai yg jual gam gajah. time beli gam gajah laki tu dh tny dh apa pulak yg tercabut pagi2 ni. dgn dengan muka berkerut2 jugaklah sy jawab kat dia "KASUT!!!"

masuk ke dalam stesen, memandangkan stesen tu mmg x ramai orang, sy mula remove sume kesan gam UHU dan gantikan dgn gam gajah. surprise!!! surprise!!! gam gajah tu pon x berkesan. haish. sangat buntu. xtau nk buat apa dh. pas2 teringat kawan sy yg ddk berhampiran dgn salah satu stesen lrt. cpt2 msg dia dgn harapan dia blm pegi kerja. YES!!! seperti yang dijangka dia blm pegi keje lagi. dgn muka penuh kesian sy minta dia bawakan pape je yg boleh dipakai. dh x kisah dah asalkan sy boleh jalan. dia pon bawakan selipar dia. xplah, selipar pon selipar lah. by the time dia nm bw selipar tu dh pukul 9 dah.

dahla first day keje and dah lambat. saya pon msg la laki yg slalu contact sy tu bgtau selipar putus and saya masuk keje lambat. like a boss!!!

petang tu laki yg saya slalu contact tu datang bersama appointment letter saya. dan semestinya dia pandang kaki saya tgk sy pakai apa. boleh plak dia tergelak. haish! saya pon ceritalah kt dia inisden pagi dgn penuh semangat bagai tengah bercakap dgn sorng kawan. lepas dia balik, saya check balik apa jawatan dia kt company tu sampai dia boleh masuk kluar keje sesuka hati. rupa2nya dialah....

general manager company tu.

to be continue.....

Saturday, August 17, 2013


i was watching ombak rindu the other day. sya ingat lagi beberapa bulan yg lepas, ramai kawan saya yang pegi tgk cerita tu kat wayang slalu cerita bertapa kesiannya watak izzah and bertapa sweetnya watak hariz and bertapa jahatnya watak Mila dan mcm mna diorng menangis kat pawagam tgk cerita tu. seriously, sy tgk cerita tu lnsung x tergerak nak nangis malah saya rsa cerita tu x adil, sama mcm cerita2 cinta yang lain. sebab tulah sy dah x baca novel cinta sbb saya rsa novel cinta menghadkan my judgement ability.

sesetengah manusia hanya boleh fikir setakat mana satu perkara tu dipersembahkan. satu perkara yg lebih dipertengahkan akn mendapat lebih perhatian sampai dah takkan fikir perkara tersirat yang lain. benda yang sama jugak yang berlaku pada hampir kesemua yg menonton cerita ombak rindu dan yang nangis di pawagam tu.

Dalam cerita tu, lebih banyak tunjukkan mcm mana izzah bersusah dari awal sampai klimaks. just sebab izzah tu bertudung and bernasib malang most of the time, orng lebih kesiankan dia. lagipon, watak dia yg lebih banyak ditunjukkan dalam cerita tu. Ramai yg kata hariz tu sweet buat pilihan yg betul and Mila tu jahat sbb rampas suami izzah so on and so forth.

pada pendapat saya, Mila lagi kesian dari Izzah dan hariz lansung x gentleman. hanya satu scene je yg menunjukkan cinta Mila kt Hariz. scene yg Mila tunjukkan Izzah sume tiket wayang ans kenangan dia dgn hariz. sy xtaulah tapi klu dalam real life, ada orng buat mcm tu kat awak, i think no one can love you more than that person.

Dialog terkhir dia kata kt hariz yg dia akn cuba sedaya upaya cuba untu melupakan hariz. things gonna be like hell for her after that. knp ada yg kata dia watak jahat tapi sy x nmpk pon jahat dia. dia mangsa sebenar dlm cerita ni and dia makhluk yg paling kesian di akhir cerita ni. and hariz i just don't want to comment bout him. i hate that character for Mila.

sy boleh kutuk sepanjang hari psl cerita tu so the conclusion is, bacalah novel Ramlee Awang Murshid berbanding bc novel cinta yg merepek.


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dear Cutters

Tau x di luar sana, ada ramai manusia yg suka toreh tangan diorng sampai berdarah. bukan toreh kat pergelangan tangan sbb mereka tau benda tu boleh mengundang maut. mereka toreh atas sikit dari pergelangan tangan. thats what they do when they are in a great pain. mereka fikir sakit masa tangan mereka ditoreh dan berdarah tu boleh tutup sakit hati yg mereka sedang tanggung. setiap kali rasa mcm mereka nak mati, mereka akn toreh sambil menangis dan rasa benci diri. Diorng akn pakai baju lengan panjang supaya xd sape yg nampak parut di tangan mereka.

dan kita manusia yg kononya waras menggelar mereka psiko. who are the real psychos? think again. tepuk dada tanya selera. we were just assuming all the time. we were never there when they were all alone and all they needed is a little love.

saya sedar akn kewujudan golongan ini masa sy berumur 18. kerana sy secara kebetulan terjumpa sorng yg cuba toreh tangan dan somehow sy berjaya buat dia batalkan niat dia. saya x pernah cuba buat perkara mcm tu. bak kata mereka saya x pernah rasa kesakitan yg sangat sampai sy sanggup toreh tangan saya. well, you never know. lain orang lain cara. and toreh tangan sangatlah bukan cara saya cope dgn kesakitan saya.

Dear cutters,

life has been hard for some people. especially at the beginning of every phase of the life. fighting for your dreams and other things all alone, too much stress to handle with, plus that one person who will cause soo much trouble and it hurts you more than anything. but at the end of the day, you just put youself in danger. all those feelings is just a lie. you'll find out eventually.

Every life is precious. there is always someone out there who loves you. encounter with wrong person just another way of meeting the right person. remember, you always deserve to be happy and surrounded with love. one fine day, you'll be clean from cutting and even regret of it.

p/s: People often refer to my age and judge my practicality and how immaturely someone in that age will think. well, i just look at them and wishing they never encounter some things that i had because they simply do not deserve. 

i'm not saying i'm always right but it doesn't mean they never wrong.

Friday, August 9, 2013


Hello people, hows things going? especially muslims, it's raya!

Mesti semua gembira, langsung x terfikir pasal saudara seislam kita yg sedang meranan nun jauh disana.

Gembira menyambut aidilfitri bersama mereka yg tersayang. langsung x mengenangkan saudara semuslim kita yg sedang mengalirkan air mata mengenangkan insan tersayang mereka yg terkorban.

Dapat cuti and sanggup mengharungi jem berjam2 dan balik kmpng, saudara seislam kita sedang ketakutan walaupon berada di rumah sendiri.

baju baru, kasut baru, and semuanya baru, dan semuanya lebih dari satu. saudara seislam kita xd kain buruk pon utk dipakai.

seronok dengar kemeriah bunyi mercun berdentum di sana sini. bukan seperti saudara seislam kita yg fobia dgn bunyi dentuman bom yg digugurkan di tanah tumpahnya darah mereka.

makanan sedap2. banyak jenis. ditambah dgn biskut kek and macam2 lagi, pembaziran mmg perkara yg sgt umum pada masa2 mcm ni. saudara seislam kita di sana cukup syukur apabila mendapat sesuap nasi serta seteguk air.

bukan nk suruh bersedih utk mereka disana. nk suruh korng semua syukur sangat sangat dgn segala kenikmatan dpn mata. nk suruh x lupa diri dan teruskan berdoa utk mereka juga. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Past and Present-Ramadhan version

Past: Tahun lps sy mula berhubung dgn sorng kawan yg dh lama sy dh lost contact. sebenarnya sy mmg slalu contact dia dulu. maybe dia lbh sibuk dgn orng lain n xd masa nk layan sy. so sy stop contact dia. and last year bulan puasa dia start contact sy balik. time tu dia dh hbs degree program dia and ddk umah.
Present: kawan yg cari sy tahun lps dh mula sibuk balik dgn orng lain dan kami dh lama x contact skrng ni.

Past: saya menganggur n bertungkus lumus mencari keje sana sini, setiap hari pening dgn jobstreet.
Present: tahun ni pon saya menganggur and bezanya sy dh belajar dri kesilapan tahun lepas and dh pandai set timing. hasilnya, sy dh secure satu job. sy mulakan kerja lps raya. dh x pening dgn jobstreet stiap malam.

Past: x dapat tido spnjang malam. tapi ada orng temankan sy spanjang malam kat fb, skype, and messenger. baru habis praktikal katakan. tunggu nk grad. kawan2 sama batch dgn saya sume tgh menganggur serentak. mmg byk cerita and byk ragam
Present: x dapat tido spanjang malam gak bezanya xd orng teman. semua sedang bekerja and dh xd yg menganggur. so stiap malam cari benda untuk dikemas. baca je segala jenis novel merepek kt umah.

Hopefully August will be a good restart.

Monday, August 5, 2013

how it ends?

they know each other for a few years, and now when things get rough, they make it worse. there are a few things that they fail to think of.

After all these years, if you think the person do not know things bout your life, your feelings your relations, your so and so, what makes you to think that you know everything bout the person's?

why complaining bout you being judged when you do the same thing?

Is it possible that there is something wrong with every single person around you and not you? think again...

Just because you think you are smarter, it doesn't mean you are really smart.

Do not complain about honestly when all you do is manipulating your story to make it interesting.

You are so retarded that now you are willing to let go a friendship just because a silly issue. smart eh?

Friends or lovers, the last thing you ever wish to happen is regret of something that once made you smile.... 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Friendship day

bila sebenarnya friendship day? i believe friendship day tu jatuh pada bulan august. tadi sy try google, resultnya pada first sunday of every august, dimana pada tahun ni, friendship day jatuh pada 4 august. pas2 terjumpa lgi satu artikel yg mengatakan sebenarnya pada 30 Julai. pening dh.

As usual, sy x percaya pada day2 merepek ni. ajaran sesat! BUT!!!!! every 3rd august is special to me. tarikh tu adalah hasil gabungan tarikh lahir saya n kawan saya, and kami celebrate hati tu sebagai friendship day kami.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Alone but not lonely

Most of the people are afraid to be alone. They are afraid of the loneliness. They hate the feeling that no one is there by their side. well, i'm not one of them. To me, in future, if anything happens, i want to be able to survive alone, without feeling lonely, and without being dependent on anyone. At the end of your life, you'll be alone down there anyway.

Spend some time with yourself and believe me, you'll find out many thing bout you that you never know.

Friday, July 26, 2013


i'll start to write again very soon.
As soon as i finish my 'raya cleaning'.
As soon as i settle my pending things with my brother
As soon as i recover from that stupid 6 months job effect.

Monday, June 17, 2013

June 2013

wow! Tak sangka saya berjaya mengharungi hampir sparuh tahun 2013. a few months back, i was wondering how i'm going to face this year. everything was not right from the first hour, first minute and first second of the year. i fight alone for something i really want and i failed. and then i found something else to work on and to concentrate on. now, i know i'm failing but i guess i'm not giving up yet. And surprisingly, something new came up, which requires me to fight alone as well. Something new keeps on coming at least, every week.

all the decisions that i made was not right from the beginning. even the good news gives a bad impact. since i'm scared,  i decided to not make any long term decision yet. to not involve or commit. well, now i'm not sure whether thats a good decision or not.

I need more positive energy than ever. I'm using up all my patience and all my strength that now i'm afraid that i might end up used all of them and nothin left anymore, i need someone that would give me the right word for my wrongs. Not laugh n telling around bout it. I need more positive words, not sarcastic word, more happy moments, not fake moments. All in all, i need my friends.

after all those thing,i'm glad and thankful that i'm still smiling and living my life, finding positive thing around me and being happy for others. I don't know if this is only a process of growing up, making someone mature or strong, or just a trial before starting to face the real cruel world. Whatever it is, i'm just hoping for things to get better in time.

Hello second half of the year, lets rock n roll!

Friday, June 7, 2013

nothing to do

i was sitting on my table doing nothing this morning. thats super surprising. people are busy with their 'permanent staff' thing and i was doing nothing. nothing at all. staring at my inbox. hoping for someone to send any ridiculous e-mail and driving me crazy.


so, saya tinggal 44 hari lgi keje kat company ni. lps tu contract sy akan habis. saya x rsa mereka akan renew contract or offer sy keje kt syarikat tu. klu diorng offer pon saya xnk. keje sana mcm x sesuai dgn saya. so sy kene menganggur blk skrng ni pon dh mulakan job hunt.

i miss my friends all the time. since 2008, my life is all about my friends. Alhamdulillah, saya selalu dpt kawan yg elok2, yg x mess up dgn hidup sy, yang x gado2 and yg x byk bermasalah. never had a rough relationship with any of them. ntah mana silapnya, kebetulan kawan sy sume yg ddk jauh2. dh hbs blaja sume dh blk kampung halaman masing2. cari rezeki di sana. yang tinggal kt KL pon, punyalah payah nk jumpa. klu plan nk jumpa pon masa tulah byk sgt halangan. balik kampung or akan ada pape kenduri yg kene attend. skrng, klu tgk fb orng lain post gamba mereka beramai2, mesti rsa mcm... "untunglaa". mungkin sy patut smbng blaja. tapi bkn di UM. di universiti yg jauh sikit. ddk kt hostel. cari kawan baru plak.

kadang2 sy x fhm kenapa ada laki yg akn kata diorng kehilangan kebebasan, ketenangan n mcm2 lgi lps kawen. u have no idea what a woman lose once she get married to you idiots!

dan saya xnk kawen lagi....

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

value of your words?

have anyone ever wondered what the value of your words? or how important and interesting is your word.

saya dah mula fikir pasal perkara ni masa umur saya belasan tahun. dan masa tulah saya kurangkan bercakap nonsense.because i want to add value to my words. saya mula terfikir pasal perkara ni sebab beberapa tahun dahulu, saya selalu nampak ada sorng ni yg akn berkata2 dan xd sapepon yg dengar. they will hear but not listen. nodding their head. dan saya tahu orng yg bercakap tu pon perasan. tapi kenapa dia x berhenti bercakap? dia x malu ke? walaupon dia dh sangat tua and dia anggap diri dia sebagai orng yg berpengalaman, but still, knp x berhenti bercakap bila orang x dengar? thats soo pathetic!!!

saya ada seorang kawan ni yang dispoil oleh teknologi. dia mula kurangkan mendengar bila dia mula bli telefon canggih. dia akn berpura2 dengar padahal segala perhatian dia tertumpu pada screen handphone. saya agak terkejut sbb dia sampai x sedar yg saya tengah ceritakan benda yg saya dh pernah cerita and dia x perasan saya berhenti cerita tengah jalan. sejak hari itulah saya mula kurangkan bercakap dengan dia. no point. dia pernah tegur saya dh x sembang dgn dia mcm dulu. well, you asked for it! see, i guess i added value to my words.

kalau nak add value tak semestinya kene kurangkan bercakap. ada sesetengah orang yg banyak berkata2 and dia akn tinggikan suara bila dia bercakap, lebih2 lagi masa orang lain pon tgh bercakap supaya orang dengar suara dia on the top of others voice. tapi yang peliknya, suara dia tinggi mcm mana pon, orng akn dengar kata2 dari orang yg bersuara lebih rendah. thats the value of the words.

ada sesetengah orang yg mmg x reti nk tutup mulut tapi ada je orang leka dengar cakap dia, senyum and tergelak. walaupon suara x tinggi mana, walaupon benda yg disampaikan hanya crap, tapi ada je orang yg dengar, thats the value of the words. saya masukkan kawan saya, wen, ke dalam kategori ni. sy suka dengar dia membebel sbb kata2 dia menunjukkan cara otak dia bekerja and sy suka cara otak dia meng interprete sesetengah benda walaupon x logik and merepek.

you never need a good listener to judge the value of your words. you just need to notice if people listen to your words.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One fine evening....

It was an evening that i spend time with myself. It was raining heavily and I forgot my umbrella. So i decided to go to one of my fav food court. Eating pepper express and drinking my fav, mocha latte hazelnut. Looking outside the window. oh my god! look at the ugliness of the city center. Construction all over the place, tall buildings and no greenery at all. There is a lift right in front of my eyes, traveling back and forth, loaded with construction workers. Crowd of working people standing by the road, waiting for the bus. Some hoping for a vacant taxi, which is almost impossible at that hour. and the road, jammed terribly of course. I never questioned why i do not own a car. because deep in my heart, i know it's for my own sake. God knows the best for me

Here i am, alone, sitting by the window, leaving a whole chaotic world behind my back, traveling to my own world of thoughts. how it feels to own a glass chamber, where you can lay down all day and night, feel the heat of the sun, looking at the star or staring at the plain sky. or looking at the raindrops which falls from the sky.

I leave the place with heart full of smiles. As now i found a reason to love my life all over again.

A day to remember...

*Surprisingly found this note at my old journal. i still remember the day and every detail of it. I shall go back one day and do the same.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

day celebration

today is mothers day. at least, thats what people around me are telling. what does this day means?
 to me, it's just another day. nothing special. and for this year, it's been a super boring long day.

zaman skrng ada je fatwa2 dan pesanan ulama suruh jgn menyambut mothers day, fathers day, valentines day and pape day lagi sbb asal usul perayaan tu yg menyimpang dgn ajaran agama. tapi bagi saya, itu semua hanyalah marketing strategy yg sgt brilliant. tujuannya semestinya untuk melariskan penjualan benda seperti bunga, kad, and so on. prnh skali sy dgr kat interview jackie chan yg ada satu hari ni tiba2 anak jackie chan call dia n wish happy fathers day kot. masa tu jackie chan kat shooting spot. dia terus marah anak dia n letak telefon. dia kata klu nk hargai someone hargai mereka setiap hari. bukan skali stahun.

and ada lagi satu occasion yg kadang2 saya rsa ramai yg overdoing it. thats their birthday. lebih2 lagi perempuan. slalunya masa birthday diorng, diorng akn expect orng layan mereka dgn baik and just berlaku benda2 yg baik and elok je pada diorng. and whats the rasional behind this thoughts? ridiculous!!!

ada sesetengah orng expect diri mereka di celebrate. expect birthday mereka diraikan oleh semua orng. bagi saya, kenapa mereka rasa mereka layak diraikan? apa yg telah mereka buat? dan kenapa mereka yg kene diraikan sebaliknya bukan orang tu meraikan parents dia kerana melahirkan mereka ke dunia ni and give a good life? ada jugak yg suka raikan birthday orng lain dgn harapan masa birthday dia, orng akn balas budi and raikan diri dia. klu just sekadar utk balas budi, then itu bukan smthng yg ikhlas lahir dari lubuk hati kan?

and ada lagi satu amalan rakyat di dunia ni. iaitu buat party and invite orang. bagi saya ia seperti kita panggil orng and suruh mereka appreciate someone yg kita appreciate. padahal maybe orng yg dijemput x suka kita langsung. perlu ke nk dptknan ucapan palsu yg tidak ikhlas?

bagi saya, birthday tu boleh disambut utk baby and kanak2 sebab mereka tu insan and roh yg bersih dan suci. and maybe raikan orng tua. nmpk sweet. even nk raikan orng tua pon just panggil mereka yg masih appreciate kehadiran orng tua tu. bkn mereka yg tunggu untuk orng tua tu meninggal dunia. bukan sebab pangkat, harta, kekayaan, status and sebagainya yg orng tua tu ada.

ada jugak mereka2 yg kesian, on birthday notification kan fb, tunggu orng wish pukul 12, reply segala birthday wish mak nenek kat wall and then the next day mereka post "thanks for wishes, remembering my birthday, your wishes made my day" and ada jugak yg akan post jumlah birthday wish yg dia dapat melalui fb. sy mmg sgt kesiankan orng yg mcm tu. klu bkn sbb fb, ada orng yg akn igt birthday mereka ke? and ada lagi 1 jenis orng yg suka relate sume dgn birthday dia. klu benda yg baik berlaku, diorng akn kata gembira sbb lbh2 lagi berlaku pada birthday mereka. ada yg akn kata sedih sbb benda buruk mcm ni berlaku pada birthday dia. wake up! beribu lagi orng kt dunia ni yg sama birthday dgn seseorang, oh please!!!

so, whats my way of celebrating birthday? first of all, deactivate fb. walaupon sy dh hide birthday saya daripada orng lain kt fb, but still, sy xnk ada orng yg ikut wish bila mereka nmpk ada orng lain post birthday wish kat wall saya kat news feed mereka. it's only my birthday, not the world's most important day. and the second thing, off nfon and tido sbelum pukul 12. sy tak expect birthday wish dari semua orng yg kenal saya and saya bukan jns yg akn kira brape ramai and sape2 yg wish birthday saya. i just expect those that i love and those who loves me to wish me. and for sure sy expect wishes from my parents and my siblings. and saya x suka birthday party, bagi saya tak rasional. sy suka just kluar hang out dengn mereka yg rasa sy penting bagi mereka. sy just nk spend time dengan mereka yg appreciate sy. mereka tu adalah mostly my friends, the source of my strength and my happiness. and not only for me, saya nak mereka pon have a good time. sometimes, it's about making others smile and happy. it just simply shows how worth you are...

Saturday, May 11, 2013

whats ur plan?

slalunya apa semua orng buat klu kluar nk jumpa kawan or dating? mesti plan awal2 mula2 nk buat ni pas2 pgi sana nk buat tu n then lps buat tu balik. kadang2 buat plan bagai nak rak tpi bila semuanya berjalan dgn lancar, kita mula rasa boring. sbb realitinya tak seseronok yg dijangka. ada sesetengah yg suka x plan pape. just kluar pas2 terjah je mana2 n buat je pape. sy paling suka buat keje terjah ni. kadang2 best. tapi kadang2 boring. buat sume x kena. last2 balik je.

i have a friend, yg dulu kami akn berjumpa hampir setiap malam dekat2 waktu dinner n tak buat pape. kadang2 just teman di makan. kadang2 sembang benda2 dlm fikiran, or benda yg terlintas dlm otak lps tgk pape yg berlalu or berlaku dpn mata on the spot. mcm tulah sy menilai cara unik otak orang lain berfungsi. by listening. otak setiap orang ni lain2 cara berfungsi dia. kadang2 buat kita terkejut sbb benda2 mcm tu x prnh terlitas di fikiran.

kadang2 kami just berjalan tanpa bersuara. ddk kt mana2 tgk kiri kanan. and the weird thing is, saya x rasa boring

kadang2 bila sy kluar, sy nmpk akn ada 1 pasangan yg nmpk pelik. mereka x bersembang bergelak manja2 buat bnda2 berdosa dpn semua orng macam manusia tak sedar diri yang lain.. mereka just ddk bersama tpi buat keje masing2 main laptop or bc buku or tgh buat pape. sekali pandang nmpk mcm pasangan x bahagia. nmpk mcm orng yg bru habis gado. tpi kadang2 mereka akn saling pandang and bersenyum dan sambung buat benda yg mereka buat tadi. dan mereka takkan boring. and i think that is SWEET

sometimes, all we need is doing nothing but appreciate each others presence in silence.

zaman sekarang ni, berapa orng sgtlah yg berjumpa untuk menghargai kehadiran masing2.sume sibuk nk buat aktiviti. kononnya tak nak boring. paling2 pon tawaf shopping mall berkali2 tgk kiri kanan and window shopping. bukannya pusing shopping mall sekadar nk merasai perasaan ditemani.

maybe what i'm saying doesn't make sense to some people. they might think i'm writing crap as usual. but i have experienced how it feels when only your presence is appreciated, not the shopping mall or the surroundings. and it's been too long since i feel the same. maybe thats because of my 'friendship life' which is dying. or because of the truth that i try to hide from my self....

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Maju family Bowling Tournament

family sy mengadakan bowling tournament pada 31 march. hehehe, mmg dh lama sgt nk update tapi supernatural force yg tidak mengizinkan sy untuk mengupdate blog saya. sekarang ni pon tgh paksa diri update blog

inilah banner kami. tournament ni kami buat kt Flamingo Ampang. mmg kami je yg kt floor. xd orng luar.

mereka ni adalah kes yang pancit di awal pagi, sebelum bowling bermula lagi. saya tak tau kenapa. mungkin mereka sedang menunggu kuasa superhero.

ni souvenirs yg semua hadirin dapat. last minute order. nk cri orng yg blh buat tu punyalah payah. ramai yg xnk buat sbb last minute

jangan salah anggap. saya bukan nk promote jejaka2 ataupon kasut yg mereka pakai tu. saya cuma nk tunjuk baju tu. tu baju bowling kami. hampir kesemua pakai baju tu masa tournament. baju tu lagilah last minute. 2 kali ganda susah nk cari. dahla nk order banyak2 and sangat last minute plak tu. nsib baik ada yg sanggup.

satu2nya benda bkn last minute ialah piala2 n hamper ni. semestinya disusun oleh saya yg creative. hehehe piala tu bli dri orng yg sy kenal dari zaman UM. hamper plak bli dri baucer jusco yg bernilai beratus2 ringgit. kami hanya bayar beberapa puluh ringit je. hehehe sila ambik perhatian kotak samsung galaxy sebelah hamper tu.

perkara pertama and perkara wajib yang harus dilakukan di segala event family saya ialah, makan makan.

orang yg kt belakang tu dh pandang pelik dah. sorry ye, kesemua ahli fmly sy mmg otak terlebih genius. so slalu berlaku insiden2 yg pelik sikit.

okey, asalnya kami bukan nk pakai t-shirt yg sama. as i said before, t-shirt tu adalah benda yg sgt last minute. asalnya setiap team diminta pilih 1 warna and mereka kene pakai ikut warna team diorng. mereka yg paling creative akn diberi hadiah. ketua kumpuan saya terus pilih warna purple lps nmpk nama sy dlm team tu. lps decide nk pakai baju yg sama, tukar konsep plak. even pakai baju yg sama, pandai2 kene bezakan kumpulan masing2 daripada kumpulan lain. sampai ke awal pagi tournament kumpulan sy lansung x pk pape. hanya saya je yg bersiap dengan pakai tudung purple. sebelum gerak dari rumah, ntah mcm mana sy terjumpa tiara dri stock barang perhiasan kt rumah. terus pakai tiara tu. kami tgk satu channel ni n ada iklan cerita hindustan, laki pakai selendang kat leher. sy pgi selongkar almari adik terakhir ketua kumpulan saya, dapatlah 3 selendang warna purlple. terus pgi bilik tido ketua kumpulan saya tu, campak selendang kat dia n terus menghilangkan diri. n sy bgtau machi sy klu ada bunga purple lagi best. machi pon selongkar bilik stor tpi x jumpa. at last jumpa penyu purple. xxpla, asalkan purple. ambik jelah. akhirnya kumpulan kami dapat kumpulan cretive. hehehe

ni gamba saya yg pakai tiara n selit klip rambut purple yg besar kt tudung sy. sy pon xtau knp sy buat mcm tu. nmpk sgt x betul. masa ambik gamba ni sy lansung x sedar abang sy kt belakang. and it was my fav picture.---ok, sy tau editing saya sangat teruk. xyah nk kutuk! :p

tu dia ahli kumpulan saya. semua cute, semua smart and semua handsome disebabkan selendang purple tu.

yang ni bukan ahli kumpulan saya. and sy xtau apa kene dgn dia.

oh, yg penyu purple tu. ia dijadikan maskot kumpulan kami. dan kami dengan segala selambanya letak maskot tu kat tgh alam.

itu dia. hahaha. di tengah2 lane bowling. LIKE A BOSS.

ni adalah sesi beramah mesra dan mengeratkan silaturrahim sesama ahli keluarga sementara menunggu keputusan bowling.

memandangkan saya x menang pape so sy xnk menyatakan sape yg menang. hehehe move on...

akhir2 bowling tu, kami sambut birthday utuk beberapa baby. baby yg first ialah ketua kumpulan saya. berdiri bersama dia, bertudung merah ialah amma dia. baby yg kedua ialah baby yg bersari tu. berdiri sebelah dia ialah suami dia. baby yg ketiga ialah baby yg kanak2 tu. berdiri bersama dia adalah atta dia.

dia sayang sgt keta ats kek dia tu sampai dia simpan lagi kereta tu dlm peti sejuk sampai sekarng.

gambar diatas menunjukkan keadaan semasa kereta tu. fresh from fridge. kalau korng perasan, warna dia dh gelap sikit n keta tu semakin tenggelam dimakan kuman maybe...

thats all, THE END

next ialah cite psl treasure hunt kat putrajaya. semoga saya cepat dapat hidayah untuk update blog psl cite tu...

Friday, April 26, 2013

bubur ayam McD

setiap kali sy bli bubur ni, sy akn lupa dunia and terus mkn so x sempat nk tangkap gamba sendiri. terpaksa curi gamba dari blog azzeyatin.

saya tau tentang kewujudan bubur ayam ni pada tahun 2011. saya tny roommate saya apa dia akn buat klu saya jatuh sakit. dia just jwb dia akn buatkan kad 'get well soon' untuk sy. and then saya tny kawan sy yg lain plak and dia jwb klu saya x sihat, dia akn blikan sy bubur ayam McD. siap akn buat delivery lgi. mcm tulah sy tau kewujudan bubur di mcD.

saya bukanlah penggemar bubur so saya x ambil kisah sgt. akhirnya, tahun ni, first time sy mkn bubur ayam ni and terus addicted. sampai pegi McD je bli benda ni and kawan2 sy akn tny sy ni x sihat ke. first makan masa musim demam campak di rumah yg sy tinggal skrng ni. memandangkan byk sgt pantang, bli bubur mcD je, senang.

slama ni, sy prnh tgk kawan sy tu blikan bubur McD bila salah sorng kawan dia tu x sihat, yg kebetulan belajar di institusi yg berdekatan dgn UM. x prnh la plak dia dtng jauh2 buat delivery bubur McD utk sy. dulu tu, dtng jumpa saya untuk benda lain2 je.  and hri ni, setelah 2 tahun, akhirnya saya dpt bubur McD dri dia. tpi bkn delivery la, drive thru je... xp. at least, dlm byk2 benda yg dia ckp tu, ada je satu yg dia buat. hehehe. THANK YOU!!! 

Friday, April 12, 2013

new office vs old office

dah lama sgt sy x update blog ni. ada conflict internet access. bos dri company lama tiba2 kata internet access utk sy adalah unnecessary. pas2 dia pgi reject application sy.

so, dlm post ni, sy nk bandingkan office lma saya dgn office baru saya.

colleague/rakan sekerja.
kat office lama, dlm department saya, colleague sy sumenya chinese. kami kongsi floor dgn admin department. mereka hanya bersembang antara diorng, meeting antara diorng, bergadoh n selesaikan masalah antara diorng. saya mmg lnsng x tahu n lnsng xkan ambik kisah papepon yg berlaku.
kat office baru, setahu saya, supervisor saya melayu and bos sy chinese. saya tak tau klu ada lgi sape2 yg sama department dgn saya. ramai lagi kat floor saya tpi sy xtau mereka department mana. yang pasti, kami semua under marketing. and mereka sume ckp english. at least, walaupon sy tau apa yg diorng sembang xd kaitan dgn sy, tapi saya rasa mcm diorng respect. and mereka friendly. and klu ada meeting, i'm invited.

floor mate
kat office lama, dpn saya ada sorng uncle indian, dgn dia jelah sy bersembang. kat department dia ada sorng lgi abng indian, akak indian and pakcik melayu. mereka jarang2 tegur sy. kesemua india kt sana panggil saya dengan panggilan 'ponne', bermaksud anak gadis. sy suka diorng panggil mcm tu. selain tu adalah beberapa pemuda skynet yg sy x senyum pon and mereka pon x prnh tegur sy.
kat office baru, yg sy tau sume chinese and sy x kenal sorng pon. tapi kami akn saling bersenyum and bersembag. klu x gi lunch mereka akn tanya knp and klu masa nk balik tu hujan, mereka akn tny mcm mna sy balik, basah ke x, dan perkara yg sama waktu dgnnya.

dalam pengalaman sy berkerja di 3 office yg berbeza, ni first time sy jumpa gentleman, iaitu di office baru. hampir kesemua laki disana gentleman. perkara pertama yg sy surprised, ada sorng laki ni tgh angkut laptop berat dia tu, kebetulan masuk office sebelum sy. dia tahan pintu tu sampai sy masuk. mula2 sy xtau dia tgh tahan pintu utk sy, punyalah sy lenggang lengguk, tpi dia still senyum kt sy. and the second thing, masa sy tgh load paper kt printing machine. ada sorng laki ni nmpk sy nk load kertas, dia terus dtng ambik bungkusan kertas dari sy, load paper dlm machine and terus pgi sambung keje. sy tergamam sampai x ckp thanks pon. kat office lama, kdng2 sy angkut berkotak, tolak kotak berat2, sume sy buat sorng2. semua akn pandang je. kat sini plak, load paper dlm printing machine pon ada laki tolong. speechless.

kat office lama, ada lower ground and kat situ ada food court. mmg ada pelbagai jenis makanan. tapi ramai yg x suka makan kat sana. mereka akn makan kt tempat lain sekitar masjid jamek and caps square.
kat office baru kt belakang office ada satu lorong ni. kat situ pon ada pelbagai jenis makanan. tapi yang specialnya, setiap hari jumaat ada pasar. nasi tomato, rojak and yng tau fu dia mmg terbaik. stiap hari ada satu akak ni jual tau fu fah campur soya. klu boleh stiap hari sy bli benda tu.

masa kat office lama, sy gerak pukul 7:30 n naik lrt. kene msk keje dlm pukul 8:30
skrng, gerak pukul 8, naik lrt turun kt stesen yg sama pas2 naik monorail. masuk keje pukul 9. kdng2 lrt tu lmbt sgt sampai ke office pukul 9 lbh. masuk office mcm bos je. xd sapepon yg kisah. xd sapepon yg tegur.

masa kat office lama, dri pagi sampai ke ptng sy xd keje. bila dekat2 masa nk blk bru sume sibuk nk bgi keje. time tu mmg rsa tension. lbh2 lgi klu diorng suruh buat pembetuan kat report yg sy dh anta beberapa hari lps.
kt office baru, kdng2 xd keje spanjang hari. kdng2 keje cukup2 dri pagi sampai ke ptng. stakat ni mmg sgt jarang buat OT.

Monday, March 18, 2013

budak sekolah zaman skrng

Office saya bersebelahan dgn skolah bukit nenas. mmg slalu la terserempak dgn bdk2 skolah tu. dengan gaya yg mengejutkan saya selalu. minggu lepas, masa balik dari lunch, saya terserempak beberapa kumpulan pelajar. saya terfikir nak mengkategorikan mereka. List kt bawah ni mengikut susunan geng yg sy jumpa dlu.

group x pakai tudung
ni group perempuan. group ni memang semua x pakai tudung. bahasa yg diorng guna mcm bahasa orng hutan. mcm belum bertamadun. guna bahsa melayu tpi guna segala bad words in english. gaya mcm gangster kononnya mcm minah rempit ke tomboy ke. lbh krng la.

pakai tudung
geng perempuan yang semuanya pakai tudung. tengok muka pon mcm budak2 baik. Gaya prempuan and ada keayuan. cakap sedap je nk dgr. jalan pon pandang bawah je

geng free hair
Ni geng budak perempuan yang tak bertudung gak. saya namakan group ni 'free hair' sbb mereka bercakap dalam english even antara sama kaum. gaya mcm high class, branded gitu. pandang orng mcm nk telan. suka pandang serong budak2 lain pas2 bisik2.

geng atlet
ni geng lelaki yg sedang mengangkut barang2 sukan seperti bola, badminton dan sebagainya. mmg ada gaya atlet. Mereka berbaju sukan dan berkasut sekolah.

geng seterusnya ada gaya laki gentleman. tpi xtaula moral diorng. mereka berbahsa melayu and muka pon mcm baik2 macho gitu. gaya bahasa biasa2.

forever alone/nerd
budak2 ni bc buku sorng2 kt bus stop. kadang2 pandang ats tgk orng yg lalu lalang. pas2 sambung membaca. bercermin mata.

geng ni ada mixture of those yg bertudung and x bertudung. mereka cakap bahasa rojak. 50% bahasa melayu dan 50% bahasa english. tapi yg bertudung tu mcm xtau motif and xd guna nk bertudung. macam... ha, mcm tulah. pas2 semestinya menggedik bila ada laki lalu terutamanya geng laki gentleman tu. semasa pass by kumpulan tu, sy cuma dgr 1 perkataan je. banyak kali. "OWH EMM GIII" "OH MY GOD" "OH MY GOSH" "OH MY GUCCI". sesat!

1.couples ni ada byk gaya diorng. ada yg jalan bersebelahan. prmpn ni x bertudung n laki tu pon mcm free style. BAHAYA!
2. berdiri jauh2 n just bersembang bertemankan kawan perempuan. and prmpn ni bertudung n laki ni nmpk biasa2 je.
3. Ada yg  malu2 n senyum2 memanjang. baru mula couple la kot.

ada skali tu sy nmpk laki ni tgh jalan ke arah sy and tersenyum. pas2 tiba2 dia pandang kanan dia, macam bagi sign melalui mata n cepat2 toleh ke depan. sy tgk kanan dia ada sorng prmpn ni tgh berdiri. tgk laki ni dia pon mula tersenyum. perlahan2 budak prmpn tu jalan blkng laki ni. dua2 muka malu2. ni mcm gaya bercouple and kononnya buat2 biasa xnk terkantoi. diorng maintain distance, x bercakap, and perempuan tu setia jalan belakang laki ni.

saya rasa mcm nk gelak tergolek2 kt tgh jalan tu. nasib baik saya x lose my self-control.

saya tau x elok judge budak2 sekolah mcm tu kan. but they are too funny and i can't help myself!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

highest pageviews

Beberapa hari yg lepas atau mungkin beberapa minggu yg lps, salah sorng bachelor family sy ni tny, adakah post psl mereka masih berada di tangga teratas dalam list pageviews. masa tu saya kata iye. sebab kali terakhir saya check memang post tu paling byk pageview.

pagi ni terfikir nk check balik. dan result dia adalah seperti diatas. hahaha. sorry bachelors, post pasal anda semua bukan lagi nombor satu.

post 'bachelors...' adalah post pasal anak bujang keluarga saya yg ramai masa kami semua sebagai pihak rombingan lelaki pergi ke sungai petani selama 3 hari 2 malam. masa mula2 sy buat post pasal mereka, memang menjadi hot topic semua tempat. pageview naik mendadak. diorng siap promote post psl diorng kt facebook diorng lagi.

post nombor satu yg 'panggilan diantara masyarakat indiamuslim' tu, saya buat post tu khas untuk wen masa dia mula menggilakan abang saya. Punyalah semangat budak tu blaja bahasa tamil. walaupon skrng dia just tau beberapa perkataan, tpi dia optimumkan penggunaan beberapa perkataan tu. dicampur dengan bahasa hindi dan bahasa rekaan dia. dan bahasa korea dan chinese.

Yg ketiga, 'semut nyamuk cicak' tu sy post masa kem FESENI kat UM dulu. mereka2 ni ni mula menyerang bilik sy sbb masa tu saya sorng je dalam bilik untuk sebulan dan most of the time sy xd kt bilik. saya malas nk tulis preview utk post2 yg lain. kan dh ada tarikh post kt bawa tajuk post tu. rajin carila sendiri...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Group Vacation

Saya igt lagi bertapa desperatenya sy nak pgi vacation beberapa bulan lps. and saya ada buat 1 post psl vacation. dulu sy survey sume pulau yg ada kt Malaysia, hotel rate kt pulau tu, transportation fare nk ke sana and perkara yg sama waktu dgnnya. sy siap buat budget. sy anggarkan duit gaji tolak sewa rumah, makan minum, transport n then kira nk kumpul duit utk brape bulan.

Ting tong ting tong

sekarang ni mmg musim orng bercuti agaknya. buka fb sume gamba2 budak bercuti. geng chinese friends sy pgi korea. mereka pegi lawat2 tempat2 yg mereka prnh tgk kt drama korea and running man. ada sorng ni pgi australia. katanya nk release tension. jauh sungguh release tension dia. ada plak geng ni pgi Indonesia buat shopping kawen katanya. Hri ni kawan sy sorng pgi Krabi. Dia someone yg akn pokai stiap hujung bulan n x prnh simpan duit. dia pegi dengan group kawan dia. ni kali kedua dia pegi mcm tu. masa cakap dgn dia pagi tadi, saya dah boleh rasa mood dia nk bercuti.

ada plak kawan sy sorng ni ajak sy pgi yogyagarta. untungla....... family saya takkan bagi sy bercuti dgn kawan2. sebab sy perempuan and bahaya and x selamat pegi negara orng and papepon boleh terjadi and kalau emergency xd orng nk dicari and kalau family bgi pon mulut orng akn mengata anak liar x bersopan merayau keliling dengan kawan........ etc. fuh! semestinya abang sy boleh pegi sbb dia lelaki.

saya pegi bercuti 3 hari pon sy dh rasa mcm 3 tahun sy duduk sana dibuatnya. apa gunanya bercuti kalau mcm tu. so sy just memilih ddk diam2 x pgi mana2. kdng2 terfikir jugak psl orng mcm kakak sy tu. x prnh pegi bercuti and duduk rumah je. honeymoon pon kt rumah je. tpi dia lbh suka ddk rumah. dia mmg jns mcm tu. sume orng x sama kan.

memandangkan parents sy jns yg mmg xkan call sy sampai bila2 walau apapon yg terjadi kalau bukan sy yg call mereka, satu hari nanti sy mmg patut pegi bercuti senyap2. lps blk nanti bru bgtau. oh wait! sy duduk dgn sedara confirm xd istilah 'senyap2'.    -_-"

Happy vacation everyone!!!!

Happy Honeymoon kt library wen!!!