Thursday, March 5, 2015

25 soon!

Saya jumpa 1 post pasal perkara yg orang akan sedar bila mereka dh berumur 25 dan single. memandangkan sy dh 25 dan single, sy pon layanlah post tu. i won't 100% agree with the post. kebanyakkan point dlm post tu sy rasa sy dh sedar sebelum berumur 25 lgi. memandangkan sejak kebelakangan ni sy xd idea nk cerita pape kt blog, sy just copy paste point dlm post tu and comment on the points.

Quality over quantity
Don’t get me wrong; there’s something quite satisfying about logging into Facebook to see that 100 people wished me happy birthday, but it was the few with pictures and stories that really warmed my heart.
I enjoyed all the messages very much, but I don’t need 100 people; I just need those special few.

TRUE. sy rasa sejak sy create fb(2011) sy dh hide birthday sy kt fb. saya xnk orng wish sy semata2 fb bgi reminder yg hri tu birthday sy. it doesn't mean anything to me. dan saya akn rasa kesian kepada mereka yg kira berapa ramai wall post kt profile mereka and buat status "thanks for ## of wishes" atau status yg sama waktu dgnnya

It doesn’t really matter how I celebrate
A few years ago, all I wanted to do for my birthday was get drunk with my friends.
That’s definitely still on the list, but my day in the sun with one of my closest friends and my family felt absolutely perfect this time.

dlu sy mmg nk orng akn bawa kek pukul 12 tgh malam buat surprise and celebrate dgn jemput ramai and potong kek bagai. tu sume zaman x matang. hahaha skrng klu bw kek pukul 12 utk celebrate birthday, sy rasa boring. xkanlaaa orng xleh pk smthng different kan? takkan bertahun2 and berabad2 nk buat benda yg sama jee. sy lebih appreciate bila buat something yg creates memory, everybody laugh and happy.

I’m so old
I woke up on my birthday and thought, “Holy crap, how am I already 25?” I remember life without a cell phone and having to do research in encyclopedias. A quarter of a century is a really long freaking time!
I’m so young
But then, I thought, “Wow, it’s already been 25 years, but I have so many more!” It was a pretty liberating feeling to know that I’ve experienced a pretty good portion of life, but I really have so much more to go.

Ni saya pernah rasa masa celebrate birthday sy yg maybe ke-21 or ke-22. sy ada habit off nfon sblm pukul 12 mlm n tido masa birthday sy. bila sy bgn tido, sy rasa OH MY GOD...! today is my birthday. mana arah tuju life sy? klu sy mati skrng sy masuk syurga or neraka? saya berguna x kt dunia ni? and etc. but then sy ngantuk sgt so sy sambung tido.

Being in a relationship actually appeals to me now
It really never did before because it felt like I had so many other things to do. I still have a lot to do, but my priorities have changed.
I’m still up for adventures, but I’d kind of like to have them with another person (which is a really weird thing for me to admit).

this happened to me on new year eve last year. i was home alone at my rental house. sy tgh sidai kain tgh malam time dgr bunyi mercun. sy tau dh masuk tahun 2014. i never feel lonely even if i'm alone.
but that year was different. i start to think y do i prefer to be alone when i can choose to be loved?

Time feels more important
Maybe this makes me an assh*le, but I no longer feel obligated to hang out with some people just because they asked.
Time feels a little more important now and my life seems a little more prioritized. I know to whom I want to give my time and they are the ones who get it.

SO TRUE. a few years ago, i stop giving damn bout certain people anymore. i am no more that sweet girl that pleased everyone. come on..! i don't have to wake up every morning to please anyone. u don't like me? cool. i don't care.

My decisions hold a different weight
There are things I definitely won’t be proud of doing at 25. I now have to ask myself, “Will I want to say I did this at 25?” If the answer is no, don’t do it.

I just start to think if i do something, will my parents be pleased with it? will Allah be pleased with it?

Life feels just a teeny bit clearer
I’ve been going through a bit of a quarter-life crisis lately, but on my birthday, I felt this weird sense of calm wash over me.
It suddenly became a little clearer to me that I don’t need to solve all my problems at once, and everything really will be okay.

In this case, i hv a friend that told me back than that everything will be fine in my life. Just for now i have to stop being insecure bout certain things. that was true.