Monday, January 30, 2012

setelah sekian lama bru hri ni ada internet

life sy skrng dh x byk sgt ragam. ikut flow orng je. tpi beza life sy dgn orng lain, life sy x mcm dijadualkan. stiap hri berbeza. smkn hri smkn keliru n smkn hri smkn byk blaja n smkn hri smkn takut pun ada. sy xtau sy blh handle ke tak tpi xpla, alang2 ________- pekasam, barlah sampai ke pangkal lengan (sila isi tempat kosong, sy dh lupa peribahasa tu).

freda, thanks for everything. u were very nice to me and understanding. i was so weak until ur last day. I don't know what happened, i regain my confidence that day. i become stronger. i'm brave now. i'm not worried anymore. i don't spend sleepless night anymore. i fact, i start to sleep more than before. i know i'm not as good as u. but still, i'm trying my best. i know everyone gonna miss u. i can't replace u of course. i'll try not to let down anyone. :-) good luck for ur future.

i never wish to share every single thing happened in my life. there are some things better untold.

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