Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dear Cutters

Tau x di luar sana, ada ramai manusia yg suka toreh tangan diorng sampai berdarah. bukan toreh kat pergelangan tangan sbb mereka tau benda tu boleh mengundang maut. mereka toreh atas sikit dari pergelangan tangan. thats what they do when they are in a great pain. mereka fikir sakit masa tangan mereka ditoreh dan berdarah tu boleh tutup sakit hati yg mereka sedang tanggung. setiap kali rasa mcm mereka nak mati, mereka akn toreh sambil menangis dan rasa benci diri. Diorng akn pakai baju lengan panjang supaya xd sape yg nampak parut di tangan mereka.

dan kita manusia yg kononya waras menggelar mereka psiko. who are the real psychos? think again. tepuk dada tanya selera. we were just assuming all the time. we were never there when they were all alone and all they needed is a little love.

saya sedar akn kewujudan golongan ini masa sy berumur 18. kerana sy secara kebetulan terjumpa sorng yg cuba toreh tangan dan somehow sy berjaya buat dia batalkan niat dia. saya x pernah cuba buat perkara mcm tu. bak kata mereka saya x pernah rasa kesakitan yg sangat sampai sy sanggup toreh tangan saya. well, you never know. lain orang lain cara. and toreh tangan sangatlah bukan cara saya cope dgn kesakitan saya.

Dear cutters,

life has been hard for some people. especially at the beginning of every phase of the life. fighting for your dreams and other things all alone, too much stress to handle with, plus that one person who will cause soo much trouble and it hurts you more than anything. but at the end of the day, you just put youself in danger. all those feelings is just a lie. you'll find out eventually.

Every life is precious. there is always someone out there who loves you. encounter with wrong person just another way of meeting the right person. remember, you always deserve to be happy and surrounded with love. one fine day, you'll be clean from cutting and even regret of it.

p/s: People often refer to my age and judge my practicality and how immaturely someone in that age will think. well, i just look at them and wishing they never encounter some things that i had because they simply do not deserve. 

i'm not saying i'm always right but it doesn't mean they never wrong.

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