Monday, August 5, 2013

how it ends?

they know each other for a few years, and now when things get rough, they make it worse. there are a few things that they fail to think of.

After all these years, if you think the person do not know things bout your life, your feelings your relations, your so and so, what makes you to think that you know everything bout the person's?

why complaining bout you being judged when you do the same thing?

Is it possible that there is something wrong with every single person around you and not you? think again...

Just because you think you are smarter, it doesn't mean you are really smart.

Do not complain about honestly when all you do is manipulating your story to make it interesting.

You are so retarded that now you are willing to let go a friendship just because a silly issue. smart eh?

Friends or lovers, the last thing you ever wish to happen is regret of something that once made you smile.... 

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