Sunday, December 26, 2010

jangan nk paksa sy buat benda yg sy x suka!!!!! untuk maklumat lanjut, sila rujuk link berkenaan ----> overnight

wen tls kt blog dia:

this question is always asked by many stupid person.

"which one is important. Friends or Lover?"

come and ask me this question and listen to a loud, sarcastic laugh i'll give you. most people will answer "friends".
i will answer "none"
why? friends can backstab you, love can hurts you. both can lie, both can cheat. both can be hypocrites.

mgkn wen akn gelak kuat kt sy sbb mmg jwpn sy FRIENDS. may be because i don't believe them. or maybe i don't love them just like i don't love u wen. but i care bout them.

oh ye, maybe because sy xd lover :)))


  1. zura, sy dh bosan sayang kawan. awk tgk ape jd time sy n nabila..last2 sy jugak yg kne pukul