Friday, January 28, 2011


sy sbnrnye marah. just xnk tunjuk. n sy xtau ptut bgi reaksi mcm mna bila diberitau smthng yg sy x suka. sy xd hak. sy x blh jdi wen. apa nk buat, buat la, jgn mess up dgn dri sendiri je. n sy jugak xleh jdi mcm G,tegur sume benda yg rsa x patut. so nk jdi diri sy mcm mna? i don't want to tell ppl what to do because they r grown up and they know what they need n what r they doing. at the same time, i don't want them to do certain things as i know it's the wrong decision, not in my point of view but generally.

why do you bother to ask me if you not going to listen to me anyway?

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