Sunday, November 27, 2011

i love my life

early in the evening
phone call....
~: i saw someone looks like you. i miss you.
>: hahaha where are you now?
~: K***g, dating and eating with my boyfriend.
>: Eating what?
~: "teeet"
...... a few seconds later.....
>: haha. i think i know the girl that looks like me.
~: really? 

* i know that girl who looks like me and i know that person with her. it just so happened that I felt like canceling our outing and she had her great outing, that she have been waiting for a quite long time. :-)
you should have told me earlier so that i wouldn't have made you feel guilty. anyway, i'm happy for you that everything is fine now.

at night
have you ever feel, when you are really messed up, really pissed off and really busy with all assignments and due dates and discussions and all that can't even breath, and your phone keeps on ringing, you received a few missed calls from a same unknown number, and you suddenly have a strong feeling about the person who is calling you, even you are hoping that it was 'that' person but you are in denial, just do not want to be disappoint, and you messaged that person and pretending it is someone else with the same name, but it ends up to be exactly the same person u thought and suddenly you become unoccupied, have a lot of time for that person but it just took a few minutes, a few 'very short' minutes, and you leave rest of the day 'blank'

thanks to my lovely brothers and lil doc sister. i smiled and laughed. thank you Allah for giving such a nice family. i love my life.

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