Thursday, December 6, 2012


2 years ago, December did something extremely good to me. i met a new friend. a friend that show me the other part of the world.The part that i never dared to explore. from just a facebook friend, we became very close. I never trusted anyone with my dark secrets. but for some reason, i shared with her. then i learn to move on. to leave everything dark behind and move towards brightness. i learn to smile to strangers. i learn to accept all kind of people.

exactly after almost 2 years, which is today. everything is different. the trust that she broke, the hurt that i felt,... a simple lie that changes everything. we are not the same anymore.

 i always told her that no one can stand me for more than 1 year, she laughed at me after the first one years, i felt secured. who knows the second year will be the worst. Thanks for all the smiles, laughs, hopes, faiths and dreams. it's broken now.

i never know how much i hate liars..

if someone messes with the chance given three times, it means they don't deserve any more chances. they just simply not worth it!

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