Sunday, December 2, 2012


sy spend masa yg agak lama bc tumblr kwn sy. just nk copy paste 2 benda yg dia tulis yg sy sgt suka

You will also find those people who clearly slimmer than you, wearing the size S shirt complaining about how fat they are. If you’re fat, then what am I? El Gigante?It’s funny when I ask them in which part of their bodies are considered fat, some will point arms, others on tummies. I jiggle my arms in front of them and ask, “So what is this? Super fat?” Some will keep their mouths shut and the funny answer is my favourite, it’s always the same - It’s okay for you, you’re beautiful already. So you’re ugly but slim and now, having weird eyes or perhaps a crippled mind that whenever you look into the mirror, you’ll see a fatter you. You’re not fat, you’re just mentally ill

totally agree. kdng2 sy rsa diorng ni gila. saiz S, tpi memanjang kata diet n complain peha besar, perut bsr, lengan besar. n x pernah nk sedar dosa yg diorng sdng buat besar ke x. n orng yg bru tgh kuruskan badan, smkn lama pakai baju yg nmpk bdn(ketat) tpi x ngaku sbb dh kurus katanya,  n bercerita mcm mna dulu baju tu x muat n skrng muat. n slalu crita psl berat. sy pon prnh lalui zaman2 tu. n klu  someone yg matang, satu hari nanti dia akn sedar bertapa bodohnya awk skrng. 

 It hurts when your lover is acting like he knows you won’t leave him no matter what he does because you love him dearly.

thats true. byk yg berlaku dlm sesebuah relationship n sy brani kata mostly laki yg buat prmpn mcm ni.

sekian, terima kasih

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