Friday, December 7, 2012

media's theory

Now i believe the media's theory to gain people's attention. people always seek for the kind of news related to something 'personal' or 'sensitive'. and sometimes they tend to read them over and over again. it's funny how human expect and interested in certain things. well, you can't just accept media's theory without testing it right? so, yesterday i posted bout some broken friendship. and look what i found today.

 i found an everest! ha! ha! ha!

visitor blog sy mmg minat cite2 mcm tu ye.... nmpknya dpt sambutan yg hangat. esok sy nk cite psl sy mengembara ke segi tiga bermuda bersama harry potter n jumpa manusia ketot n manusia gergasi, ala-ala cite gulliver's travels.

well, sy tau sape2 yg bc blog sy, dri pada manusia sama bumbung dgn saya sampai yg sy x suka, n pelbagai lapisan masyarakat. post mcm smlm tu bkn smthng yg sy nk bgtau satu dunia sbb sy lbh kepada pemendam...

well, see you tomorrow.......

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