Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dear Parents

Dear Parents

i'm proud of you guys. kerana bsrkan ank2 dgn sgt perfect. i'm proud of all my siblings and myself. sy slalu dgr crita orng yg kene blasah dgn parents, kene paksa dgn parents, ataupon xd life sbb ikut apa yg parents nk je. kami adik beradik semestinya antara yg bertuah. we choose our own path, and you were there, watching our back.

saya rsa saya yg plng susah dibesarkan antara adik beradik saya. suka memberontak, kecik2 lagi dh brani buat mcm2, ikut kepala sendiri. i'm sorry for that. and thank you for that pet name. nmpk gaya mcm mmg akn lekat nama tu sampai bila2. but i love it.

not everything was easy for me as you came from different 'world' but raise me at another 'world'. I stucked in between. like how you guys never understand how sorry i was for my self all the time. well, that explains all the pemberontakan i did.

i never know how hard it is to watch our baby grow and have to let them go. i don't have a baby yet. but you never really realized that i'm growing. may be thats because of my pet name, which makes you think that i'm still a baby. still holding my hands for every step i make. but, i really hope that you guys will let me to fall and rise and walk on my own. i hope to make you understand that...

Dear parents, i'm grown up now, it's time....

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