Wednesday, February 2, 2011

wen dan blognya

someone promised to write a blog post long enough to fulfill my necessity. she didn't. so zura, you need to improve your writing skills. you have to write long enough for me! just for me!

statement kt ats ni dri blog wen. Memandangkan dia nk jugak sy post panjang2 so sy decide nk merapu merepek psl sume benda mengenai sy yg dia tulis kt blog dia. penat sy cri nama sy dlm timbunan post2 mengenai bf dia n dlm timbunan nama2 laki yg ntah spe ntah. Kps sume pelawat blog sy, klu xd keje, dipersilakan bc...

wen it's all about your blog.

bf wen tny kt dia, apa function blog. soalan yg sama wani tny kt sy beberapa hari lps. sy jwb kt wani, blog utk kita ceritakan beberapa perkara yg kita x sempat, terlupa  or x dpt peluang untuk ceritakan kt orng. wen plak tulis mcm ni kt blog dia... 

as for zura, i think the reason why she has a blog is to channel her emotions to a medium nobody can ask further. she can write about how she misses her "best friend", or her family outing. her blog is more towards the idea of sharing her moments with everyone else.

bagi wen, dia tulis blog utk bf dia. dia nk bf dia tau sume benda dlm hidup. well, skrng bkn bf dia je yg tau... wen dh beberapa kali tny sy patut x dia buat blog. n sy x prnh galakkan. mcm biasa, dia mna prnh dgr ckp orng. dia dgn teori logik dia tu. ok, seterusnya...

ini salah satu gamba kt blog dia. itu dompet sy yg wen slalu suruh tukar, itu nset sy yg wen excited sgt lps nmpk dia n poster senam seni sy sebagai als mereka berdua. yg putih sikit kt bwh tu jadual FESENI. dia kutuk psl sy smthng kt bwh pic ni n sy xnk copy paste benda tu... :p

suddenly, my instinct was running wild and i decided to take a few walk inside the bookstore and walla! i saw syazwani shafie and she mentioned she's there with zura. so i went to find zura and she was smiling seeing me. hahahaha.. god forbid me to be apart from zura.

ni komen dia time sy terserempak dia dia terserempak sy kt mph, midvalley. lngsng x sangka sy blh nmpk dia kt sna n speechless trs. time ni la dia mua pakai topi chicken little warna pink yg dia rsa cute tu n jln keliling mph melaung2 cri kwn dia, nobby. adoi, trs x ngaku kwn dh.

wen kutuk sy...

siti lavender
-yeah, siti lavender hit me hard this morning. she said she's not a secretary of anyone. sad, sad. certainly not the lavender i know. maybe it's the time of the month. so i guess, i'll keep her in the locker until she won't be mad at me, again! she's my true tamil partner. we can spend hours trying to improvise my tamil. we love cruising around the college compound just talk about anything. or we can just stay silent, and start complaining about things.

hahaha ada satu benda sama yg kami selalu tertanya. actually, dia yg buat sy tertanya. sbb dia yg tulis dlu psl ni kt blog dia...

why me and zura are very much different persons, with different point of view and everything, never ever had a fight?

yup, stakat ni kami x prnh bergaduh. lgi satu yg lbih kurang sama dgn yg lps...

this is zura. the complete opposite of me. the only thing we share in common is..hmm.. i don't think there's any. we'll get back to that later. pure tamil mentor. the only moment i understand her conversation was when some indian girl asked her why she didn't eat. haha..i don't know whether zura is still mad at me but i hope not. i hope she really misses me by now.

lbih kurang samakan dgn yg kt post sy sblm ni. mgkn kata sume orng stakat ni salah! spe kta kita perlukan persamaan klu nk berkawan dgn someone? srh orng tu dtng jumpa kami dlu, dia kan menyesal lps menghadap wen.

why i abhor myself from calling both zura and ain as my friends? well, friends can backstab u whenever they want to, friends cannot be fully trusted, it's hard to differ good friend, mutual friend or best friend and friends can easily be enemy for such a simple reason. i really hate the word BFF. coz there's no such thing as best friend forever.

they're dear to my heart. they are the keys to my soul. the title 'friend' is too filthy for them to carry.therefore, they are not my friends.

kan sy ckp, sy bkn kwn dia, tu dia buktinya, dia tulis kt blog yg dia tak nak panggil sy or ngaku sy sebagai kawan. wen is not my friend! 

p/s : zura : i really need a confession box so that i can confess my mistake and you'll be the priest who can listen to my confession.

yes, kita hanya blh mendengar je, jangan marah klu dia buat the other way around. korng x tau, dia pandai buat teori dia sendiri yg kedengaran agk logik. ini antara statement yg dia kluarkan time dia tgh down. benda yg prnh membuatkan sy rsa terlalu terkejut ialah pada zaman2 ke'down'an dia. sy ter'mengabaikan(wujud ke perkataan tu?) dia untuk beberapa hri sbb busy sgt. sy x tau apa yg berlaku n mula prasan yg dia mula post psl nk bunuh dri kt fb! sy pgi ketuk pintu bilik dia. dia nmpk sy trs peluk dgn muka yg xd perasaan. bkn ke spatutnya dia nangis?

naim ahmad, zura and syazwani shafie..

i need to do some serious talking. i am not happy. and i don't know how to be one

itu adalah tandanya, SUSHI TIME!!! wen wujudkan satu habit, bila2 rsa mcm kita tgh bersedih then SUSHI TIME!!!

she is indeed younger than me. beyonce-skinned, i like her accent. her cute accent whenever she speaks malay, her low-profile type and god, she's active, man! this club, this meeting. i can't see her if it's not yet 10 or 11 pm because she has to attend this and that meetings. thousands of meeting.
she is zura. my perfect lavender, my rare jewel. she said i'm the most corrupted person she ever met.yeah, what do u expect in me, zura? life's dull without any corruption.haha..

we love to hang out together at cafe, for hours, discussing this and that.she is willing to climb the 4th floor of cempaka and see me in my most ridiculous outfit (tank top and boxer short), and chatting until late at night. she knows my sleeping pattern, whenever i need her, she'll be there, lending her ears and ideas. she's my new sushi partner, i taught her how to choose the perfect sushi to our tastebud, and now, she can eat sushi like a pro..

sushi moment only occur whenever i have to much problems in my mind. why sushi?i dont know. how much i have to pay equals to how disturbing the problems to me.usually, after sushi moment, things tend to get better and better.
i love zura.

wen, awk dh xblh kata awk x syng sy, sy ada bukti! hahahaha nk bukti lgi 1? blh je

if i can, i want to replace the usual 'hello' to 'vannakam' and surprise most of the caller except for zura. she'll laugh. the usual laugh whenever i pick up her calls and greet "vannakam! vannakam!". man, i love her..

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