Wednesday, March 23, 2011

balik bilik, smkn lama rsa smkn down. n then end up sdih. knp? xtau...

sy dgr lagu ni byk kali...
lagu show me the meaning of being lonely.... sy mula kenal lagu ni kt matrix n trus jdi fav.

tgh melayan perasaan sambil merayau kt fb, tiba2 G tegur. eh, G ONLINE!!! wifi poli dia sgtla sengal sampai kami sempat ber'hai n tny khabar jee... tapikan, itupun dh ckp. chat dgn dia smthng like u reminding urself that someone will be there for u no matter what happens. feels a bit better then. n then call umah, mcm xd papepun utk disembangkan. byk berdiam je n still xnk ltk telefon!

an ugly truth
it's never too late for anything. but how if the people realised it but they can't change. aren't they a big waste for this world?

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