Thursday, March 24, 2011

Broken heart again...

berikut adalah status2 maher zain....

Feeling very blessed today. Alhamdolillah, all praise is to Allah :)
Monday at 9:03pm 

time ni rsa biasa je. biasala kan, maher zain, post2 dia mmg islamic skit.

Alhamdolillah, I'm a father now, an amazing feeling.... Alhamdolillah..
posted Yesterday at 9:07am 

i'm happy for him. ingatkan wife dia dh pregnant. yela, laki mna x gembira bila tau dia kan jdi ayah. kecuali laki yg x gna.

Assalamo Aleykom, alhamdolillah now my little girl is 2 days old and the feeling of being a father is indescribable :) we named her Aya coz she's definitely a miracle from Allah. Now I would like to use this opportunity to ask my 2 million brothers and sisters on Facebook to pray for her and for us ;) May Allah protect her and make her from the righteous ones. Ameen :)
2 hours ago

bru sy tau sebenarnya wife dia dh melahirkan ank! anak perempuan. mmg sy tumpang gembira utk dia. tapi....

sy patut dgr nasihat wen, jgn jatuh cinta dgn laki yg dh kawen. yelah wen, sy dh insaf skrng... :(((

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