Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One fine evening....

It was an evening that i spend time with myself. It was raining heavily and I forgot my umbrella. So i decided to go to one of my fav food court. Eating pepper express and drinking my fav, mocha latte hazelnut. Looking outside the window. oh my god! look at the ugliness of the city center. Construction all over the place, tall buildings and no greenery at all. There is a lift right in front of my eyes, traveling back and forth, loaded with construction workers. Crowd of working people standing by the road, waiting for the bus. Some hoping for a vacant taxi, which is almost impossible at that hour. and the road, jammed terribly of course. I never questioned why i do not own a car. because deep in my heart, i know it's for my own sake. God knows the best for me

Here i am, alone, sitting by the window, leaving a whole chaotic world behind my back, traveling to my own world of thoughts. how it feels to own a glass chamber, where you can lay down all day and night, feel the heat of the sun, looking at the star or staring at the plain sky. or looking at the raindrops which falls from the sky.

I leave the place with heart full of smiles. As now i found a reason to love my life all over again.

A day to remember...

*Surprisingly found this note at my old journal. i still remember the day and every detail of it. I shall go back one day and do the same.

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