Saturday, August 9, 2014

I am 24

I am officially 24 now.
people ask how does it feels. i don't even know what is that suppose to mean. it feels like yesterday. hopefully still feels the same tomorrow.

as usual, i silent my handphones and sleep. I am not the kind of girl stay awake until midnight and waiting for hundreds of wishes. tu mmg habit sy sejak zaman sekolah lagi. i usually deactivate my facebook account. but since i'm doing online business this year, i can't do that anymore. so i block everyone from writing anything on my wall. but why we can't block people from tagging us anymore???? why facebook? why??? anyway, i just make sure nothing appears on my wall without my approval.

why do i do this? i don't know but it's fun... i believe i have my own reason for doing this.

i learned too many things when i was 23(that was yesterday). at first i was like, "i am in a phase of life that i never wanted to be. i never knew life is this hard. i never knew thing will get too complicated and i never even thought in my worst nightmare i am where i am now bla bla bla **twinkle twinkle little star**" and so on. childish. but thinking of it right now, i do learn a lot and changed my way of thinking.

great things happened.

A mother told me she wish her daughter is more like me. That was an emotional day and that meant a lot to me. and thats how i know that i might doing it right.

bad things happened too

i was devastated when someone i know and i kinda trust, lied to me. it happened before but i thought whatever happened in the past was a lesson and the same mistake won't happen again but i was soo wrong. and all this while the 'someone' have always been a liar......
and now i know that is the 1 person that i shouldn't trust in my whole life. We are still friends and nothing much changed. maybe because i forgive people. but definitely, things won't be the same anymore...

I predict my 24 will be like
Bila nk kawen? bila nk ada anak? bila nk tambah lgi satu? bila nk keje bank? bila nk beli kereta? bila nk hidup? bila nk mati? bila nk kiamat?
rasa geram tu mmg sgt geram, ikutkan hati nk je sekeh sorng2. igt sy ni ape? tuhan?

Apepon, Alhamdulillah, saya syukur sy dh belajar hidup sendiri. so that in future if anything happens sy tak perlu harapkan orng or x jadi beban kepada orng lain. 


  1. bukan bole set klau org tag kite kne approved dlu ke??

  2. setting tu mmg ada. sebelum fb buat pembaharuan yg merepek ni, dia ada setting yg kita blh block orng dri tag kita.