Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dear 2013

Is there anything good for me dear 2013?

let me start with new year. i was all alone surrounded by many people. and i started to feel the pressure of finding job from people around me. i'm not someone who forget things easily. their words will remain in my head.

Had a job offer on January. it was a 6 month contract basis. i thought "wow!, this is sooo gonna be my year'. but then, i started the countdown to leave this company in just 1 week.

February was worst. i struggle all month fighting for my self all alone, for my own freedom and rights. and i failed each and everytime. This is when i choose to give up. can thing become worst? of course it can. a terrible misunderstanding and fight with one of my closest friend and we split.

March, it has been only 5 days. It showed me that all i'm capable of is just shut my mouth and be patient with whatever happened. do i have other choice?

it is strange that the image of pulau besar, melaka keep crossing my mind each and everytime i'm down. Maybe something is waiting for me over there...

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