Monday, March 4, 2013

Dear School

Dear school,

The one and only good thing you did to me is giving me a true friend.

Dear school, you failed to show me how the real people in real world is. my geng of friends used to be 1 malay, 1 indian and 2 chinese girls. but in real world, everyone is just plain racist.

Dear school, every single person in this world miss their school a lot and wants to go back to school. why you treat me differently? I never ever wanted to go back to school. there's nothing sweet there. i'm sorry school, i don't hate you. it's just that, i don't prefer you.

Dear school, you gave me a bicycle for my grades. and then some idiots stole it from me!!!

Dear school, you gave me a small portion of garden and a few rabbits to take care of. i loved them so much that i spent all my time and energy on that. and i received appreciation for that. but you destroy my garden and feed my rabbits to dog. sob sob sob....

Dear school,

my boss is here. bye bye....

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