Friday, March 1, 2013

Dear Old me...

Dear old me,

I miss you so much.

You used to be super fat that everyone including your family make fun of you for some reason. and your parents never really understand all the hard time and heart ache. you was all alone but you didn't cry or give up. you don't even complain. you just made all of them crawl back to you. maybe not in a good way but you did.

You used to be so 'kebal' that nothing can move your heart. You don't even miss anything. you don't feel pity. you don't close your eyes watching final destination or saw. you simply choose to not love anything. you had a life without heart ache and problems. that peace.....

you used to live the way you want. you have the freedom. no one stopped you as you know your limits. no one questioned you. no one asked you what and why. only random decisions anywhere and anytime. and most importantly, you have your friends around you to support every step.

i know you never expect your 2013 will be this bad. but do not give up. hey, it's not that bad at all... There's always people envy you and hope for you to fall. without those kind of people, you'll never know you are living a good life. remain silent and watching everything is the best thing ever...

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